30+ Fruity Happiness Quotes to Spoil Your Sadness

Happiness quotes are fruity taste-like juices that make you feel happy in the sad time. It is common now, when-ever we talk about happiness most of people think of love or the first thing they made the base it love. Yeah true love is the thing that is going away from world, may be that is the reason everyone want to have love and happiness.

Across from just a love life, there are many other things that should be considered while talking about happiness. A poor man can live happy but a hungry man can’t live happy. We should understand the difference. Learn good and be generous with your life. Be ready for any opportunity. It is true that we cant buy happiness but we can buy donuts that is kinda same thing. This doesn’t mean that I’m talking very conservative and conventional but there’s should a balance which every one have to decide about their lives.

When we are sad we feel so upset and boring. Every little happening returns us as a great shock and ultimately makes us more tensed and nervous. A good read in that feeling can make the things go normal. Some good words or happy quotes can really serve the purpose.

Consider reading some astonishing happiness quotes which are both in image and text format. You’re free to use them but don’t forget to get acceptance from the real owner first where they’re linked. Enjoy quotes about happiness.

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