Awesome Collected Quotes from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, a name known by every student and common person; was a great person and human being. He worked whole of his life to explore and search the mysteries of the world. Concentrating on every happening around him, he was able to solved a lot of unknown magics and sciences.

Discoveries Vs Inventions

It’s true that discovering is the same important as inventing anything, but if a person is crazy enough to explore new things either they’re discovery or inventions. Covering all magics explored by sir Albert Einstein may take an endless time, but very known are covered below.

Conversation about Physics can’t start with mentioning his name. This is the reason, today he is among the scientist who are celebrated the most. His inventions and discoveries helped the world to open up a new era of endless discoveries and happenings.¬†Without his contributions, the world may be way back where it currently is.

Collecting quotes of Albert Einstein is a kinda tribute to sir Albert Einstein for his great work and millions worth contribution to the today’s science and our life.

Albert Einstein lived a legend life dedicated to the world. Even after a century, his efforts and work is remembered. His findings are the base to many of ¬†today’s laws. We loved you sir Einstein, you will live forever.

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